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Christopher Barclay

... and thank you John

May the new year bring you continued health, happiness and success!

Happy Hollyrock from Vancouver Island


That latest bridge looks like it was fun. Wish I had more free time to hang out with the bridgeheads. I am starting to think a bit more about exploring the possibility of a bridge down here in CT.

Alan A.

Hey John,Looks like you did some great walling features @ Rocktoberfest!!! Congratulations for a job well done (actually looks fantastic)!!



It was so great meeting you both (and your extended family) this weekend. I had a great time and now a whole new appreciation for this wonderful art and community.



Good morning,

Wanted to thank you for the fabulous weekend and festival. Enjoyed it thoroughly.



Hi Mary
I can not thank you john, collin ,maddy and every one involed enough in such a wow weekend i am so blowin away by everyone doin there artisic beutifical work i hope we can stay in touch thank you thank you sooooooooooooo much
Steve Lousie, jess saraha jennifer and all the people to come for hundreds of years .thanks

Cheers Steve



Wanted to thank you again for putting on such a top notch stone fest. Always a good time. Met some new fantastic and interesting people as well as the old regulars.
Not sure what's next, but I'm keeping my ears open.
Thank you again,

Karl & Clara


What a weekend! Mother Nature blessed us with the Sun and record temperatures, and it was just what the doctor ordered!!!
Thank you so much to everyone that was involved! The Hart House Farm will forever remember your contributions, and those who make use of the new and spectacular amphitheatre will certainly feel the hard work and great energy that was put into the lands:

From Colin and his tireless efforts in the kitchen, to Doug and his musical sensibilities (espeically the Guh! members) the wallers and attendees were kept happy, and well-fed. Steve, you and Louise were great hosts, and things certainly could not have gone as well as they did without you two. Jacqui and Mary, thank you for your detail-oriented eyes. You are the Yin to the Yang. The Yang (or John) - what planet do you come from, and when is the next trip out there? Sign me up! Your relentless work ethic, focus, and love of the stone and land undoubtedly set the tone for the build, to which we can only say thank you (times two hundred). Those are for all the wallers of the association, too! Please send our thanks.

Once again, thank you a million times for your presence, contribution, and great energies!




Just wanted to applaud your work to make the festival happen last weekend, and not the least of your accomplishments was to make it a family affair for the 4 of you. I left feeling a trifle nostalgic that my family never achieved such togetherness, I guess some things aren't weren't meant to be and maybe we did things as an ensemble that I have forgotten about.

I thought there was such a mixture of good 'folks' ( to use Norman's vernacular) - wish I could be nearer to the lot. One will see what unfolds.

Thank you again, and if there is a need I would love to help you out in some capacity.

Vicki (Margot's friend).

Doug B.

John, Mary -
Am slowly decompressing from wonderful weekend.

nike shox

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Thanks Norman
I think you are going to enjoy some of the special things we've got planned for this year.

Norman Haddow

So looking forward to this years Roctober festival. You seem to have an amazing group of outstanding wallers coming together along with the normal attractions it will be fantastic.


Question...I live in central PA and there are any number of Iron Furnaces about the community...so many that we named our consulting firm that name! Anyway, do you know if these furnaces are dry fitted or if there is concrete to hold them together? We would love to have something like one of these furnaces built for our firm (much smaller of cource), but not sure how to go about this process? Can you help? jay.krause@ironfurnace.com / http://www.ironfurnace.com
Many thanks in advance for any advise!

Matt J


Thank you for posting the pic on the dswa website.

I love building dry stone structures, but I also get great enjoyment out of seeing my co-workers faces after we complete a project. You can really see the pride in accomplishing some hard work and something truly unique. With that posting on the dswa website, I once again saw the them smile with pride when I showed them the post.

Take care,


Kyle C.

Hi John,

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend your course, and say I would very much enjoy attending another. I hope you didn't take my early departure as indifference, we had worked 11- 12 hr days all week, just to make attendance possible. Unfortunately that left me a little burnt out, and incapable of getting my brain into the game.

I was very impressed with the images of some of your body of work. I was enthralled listening to you speak of stone and your work and its evolution over the years. I have been reading about artists like Lew French, Ian Cramb, and now I can add you to my list of people to emulate as I evolve into the artist I wish to become.


David W.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course on the July 2nd weekend. I'm afraid I was dragging a little on Sunday because Saturday night was so hot I didn't get much sleep.

As with most substantial things in life you find yourself appreciating things after the fact far more than during - that is you reflect on them more. So I'm actually enjoying things more in retrospect that when in the thrall of Sunday's heat. I am sorry we didn't get further than we did for Lachlan but as the weather cools I may stop by and give him a hand.
Thanks again for all the help and pointers, it was a pleasure meeting you.


Just thought Id post some feedback from this past weekend’s walling workshop.
Both my son John and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was exactly what I expected and I now feel more than equipped to take on my own wall next summer.

Thanks so much to Lachlan and his lovely wife for their hospitality and the great meals and snacks. They both went about and beyond what might be expected from hosts. The meal times and break times were as much a highlight as the actual walling time.

My impression is that the group worked well together and it came as no surprise that we got the wall done. John Shaw Remington has the perfect personality to carry off such a workshop.

I hope next weekend’s workshop will be just as successful.

Should John send you copies of any of the group digital photos he took at the end of the day, I would appreciate you forwarding some my way.

Thanks again,

Shaun and John S.
Winchester, Ont

Jo Hodgson

I would like to thank both you and John in your tireless commitment and courage in pursuing your passion and promoting dry stone walling practices in Canada. Thanks to you, canadians have a much better sense of what dry stone walling means and, amongst other things, the difference between dry stone wallers and landscapers!!


Jeff Hubble

The modern wall "north of lindsay" is at cameron lake. It was constructed by Jeff Hubble of Hubble Landscaping, a graduate of your drystone course in 2004 at Groundcovers Unlimited ( ted & Sandy's) . I was very pleased with the course. I have many other examples of drystone work ,including Siliago pillars that have been added to that site. Thank you for displaying my work